White Dwarf


The WHITE DWARF is a small but sophisticated single outlet noise filter specially intended for (low power)

A/V equipment with a current consumption of up to 2 Amperes (approximately 460 Watts).

  • Code: VDH WD
  • Manufacturer: Van Den Hul
  • Weight: 0.500 Kgs
Price: 380.00лв.
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The special features in some more detail:


Most passive filters have built-in electrical resonances which can even amplify and concentrate power line noise. As such more easily reaching into your equipment, these resonances can change sound character and background.

The WHITE DWARF on the other hand prevents and even fights both internal and external resonances, thus keeping the power line dead quiet.

Dynamic Noise Absorption (DNA):

DNA tracks the mains voltage waveform and irons out pulses and other noise-like irregularities by eating away their energy and peacefully digesting it into inaudible heat.

Balun filter:

The balun filter is a specific type of coil that blocks any noise common to both power lines from propagating between the "dirty" mains and your equipment. Due to its special design, this balun works over a very wide frequency range while letting AC power pass to your equipment without any type of dynamic restrictions.

Using a WHITE DWARF in front of each device in your A/V setup provides markedly improved transparency, definition, detail and dynamics. An advance in sound and video quality hard to switch back from once you are used to it.

The WHITE DWARF furthermore forms an excellent combination with - and extension to - our heavier The BLACK HOLE four outlet mains filter and our The MAINSSTREAM and MAINSSERVER Hybrid power cables.


- Rated supply voltage: 220-240 V ~ AC, 50/60 Hz

  Suitable for 230 volt based mains around the world including Australia (240 V), Brazil and Saudi Arabia (220 V 60 Hz).


- Maximum allowed load current: 2 Amperes (equivalent to 460 Watt at 230 Volts AC)(*)


  *: Internal replaceable fuse engages at load currents exceeding 2.5 Amperes RMS


- Quiescent power consumption (unloaded):       

   Switched ON: 0.26 Watt at 230 V ~ AC 50 Hz                        0.31 Watt at 220 V ~ AC 60 Hz


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