This is a unique device for fine-tuning audio installations. It enhances its resolving capabilities by minimizing its residual ground currents.

  • Manufacturer: Van Den Hul
  • Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Price: 56.00лв.
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  • Multi-tasking: it works as a voltage, phase and cable-interruption checker for domestic appliances. 
  • The LCD screen shows the values by touching the equipment-to-be-checked with the POLARITY CHECKER screwdriver blade. 
  • Measures AC 12V to 230V and DC in 12, 36, 55, 110 and 220V. It can also indicate the presence of electrical stray fields. 
  • Do not use with AC or DC voltages exceeding 250 Volts! 
  • Very safe and also very sensitive: Its leakage current is less than 3µA. 
  • Comes with carefully detailed instructions describing how to minimize residual ground current. 
  • 4 facts about residual ground currents in your audio installation:

1)    Your audio system is powered by the mains voltage and this means there’s an unavoidable residual hum present at all stages; 

2)    These residual voltages are of different magnitude (or phase) and will balance out by means of ground currents flowing through the shields of your interconnecting cables; 

3)    These ground currents share the magnitude levels of the audio signal currents being transferred (micro Amperes). That’s why they interfere and the results are reduced transparency and imaging; 

With the POLARITY CHECKER you can fine tune your audio system by dramatically reducing, or even eliminating, those residual ground currents. (Needless to say that this alone will indeed improve your sound…)